Wooden vs Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet

You want a new kitchen for your home, but you don’t know whether to choose aluminium or wooden cabinets. Fret not! I will help you look deeper into both materials so that you can make a more informed choice!

Currently, aluminium kitchen cabinets are now the popular choice in Singapore due to its benefits, simply because it is much more durable and stronger than its wooden kitchen cabinets.

Wooden vs Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet 1

Before you begin choosing wooden or aluminium kitchen cabinets for your new kitchen, you have to ask yourself some questions:

Are you willing to spend additional money to maintain your cabinets? Do you want modern looking or traditional looking cabinets?

Well, this blog post will help you answer all your questions and compare both materials based on a few factors so that you can make the right choice for you next kitchen!

Wooden vs Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet

Aluminium is easier to maintain than wood

The aluminium cabinets will not need heavy maintenance. To clean the cabinets, simply use a cloth and wipe off dirt and grease.

On the other hand, wooden cabinets will require special cleaning agents which may be troublesome.

Aluminium is much more durable than wood

Aluminium kitchen cabinets are much more durable than wooden cabinets. This is because aluminium isn’t going to absorb the moisture unlike wood. Thus, aluminium will less like to wear off after a long period of time.

Wooden vs Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet 1

Additionally, aluminium will not catch fire like wood. Hence, you don’t need to worry that your cabinets will catch fire in your kitchen.

This also means that you can save on maintenance cost in the long run if you choose to use aluminium cabinets!

Wood is much quieter than aluminium

Aluminium kitchen cabinets may produce annoying noises as compared to common wooden cabinets.

However, if the aluminium cabinets are properly installed and design, this will not be a problem at all.

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