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Why Choose Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet?

Aluminium kitchen cabinet has a myriad of advantages compared to their wooden counterparts. Aluminium furniture is gaining popularity in Singapore, due to it’s benefits and stylish designs!

Aluminium kitchen cabinet is now common in HDB households in Singapore. It’s unique features and properties allows easy maintenance and ensures a long-lasting life.


Easy to clean



Water resistant

Stain resistant

Variety of colors

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Why use Aluminum Instead of Wood for Kitchen Cabinets?

Aluminum is the most suitable material for kitchen cabinets because it has a myriad of benefits. Wooden cabinets are commonly used in older houses and has bought tremendous problems for households in Singapore. In contrast, aluminum kitchen cabinets have properties that make up for the shortcomings of wooden kitchen cabinets. That is why aluminum kitchen cabinets are much more popular in Singapore.

Aluminum Kitchen Cabinets Are Much More Durable

Firstly, aluminum kitchen cabinets are much more durable than wooden kitchen cabinets. Aluminum is water resistant, fire resistant and anti-termites. Hence, it can withstand the conditions of a typical kitchen – wet and high temperature. With such strong material for your kitchen cabinet, you do not need to frequently worry about the lifespan of your kitchen cabinets. Additionally, there is little to no maintenance needed for your kitchen cabinets. On the other hand, wooden kitchen cabinets are no as long lasting as the aluminum counterparts. Wood is not water resistant; water may be absorbed by the wood, causing it to corrode and turn mouldy. In the long run, the wood will degrade and render it dangerous to use. Also, wooden kitchen cabinets are generally unsafe as they are not fire-resistant.

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets Are Easier To Maintain

Next, aluminum kitchen cabinets are much easier to clean and maintain compared to the wood counterparts. Imagine this: you accidentally spilled some sauce onto your aluminum kitchen cabinet and your kitchen is in a total mess. To clean off the residue, you simply use a wet cloth and just wipe it clean and you are done. It’s that easy, simple and convenient! It is unlike the wooden kitchen cabinets where the sauce may seep into the cavities and that makes it extremely hard for you to clean it off. It may require some scrubbing and using of detergent to restore the cleanliness. Furthermore, when cleaning wooden kitchen cabinets, you cannot let water stay on the wood for too long. This is because the water may be absorbed by the wood, and after some time, the water may evaporate and leave your wood bloated. Fortunately, this is not the case for aluminum kitchen cabinets.

Aluminum Kitchen Cabinets Are More Aesthetic

Finally, aluminum kitchen cabinets are more aesthetically looking compared to wooden kitchen cabinets. Aluminum, being a strong, hard and light material, can be made to all kinds of size and shape. The aluminum kitchen cabinets can be customized to match your desired size and design. In addition, you can easily change the exterior color of the aluminum kitchen cabinet using formaldehyde free color coating. With wooden kitchen cabinets, it is totally impossible to do that.